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Although many people who are sensitive to lactose may choose soy milk an alternative, around 30% of cow’s milk intolerant babies also react to soy because the sensitivity is not to lactose but to protein.  If an HA formula is not desired, goat’s milk can be a consideration.  There is regrettably little in the area of robust scientific studies regarding goats milk, however it is often better tolerated than cow’s milk for the following reasons:

  • Goat’s milk contains very low levels of alpha-sl-casein which results in smaller, softer and more easily digested curds when acidified in the stomach
  • Goat’s milk naturally contains nucleotides, which recent studies suggest may suppress responses to food allergens
  • Regular consumption of goat’s milk has been shown to reduce gut leakiness, inflammation and villi damage. It may also enhance the gastrointestinal barrier function, reducing the opportunity for food allergens to pass intact into the blood stream.
  • A study reported in the Journal of Paediatric Child Health (Nov 05) concluded that ‘adequate growth is sustained over the first half of infancy when goat milk formula is the predominant source of nutrition…’

Although the HiPP company does not manufacture any goat’s milk, we have found the Holle Infant Goat’s Milk to be the purest and most org