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Important Notice: New Numbering for HiPP Infant Formula


HiPP has recently changed the numbering on the packs of baby formula. Why? After talking to parents and Healthcare Professionals, HiPP decided to bring their labelling in line with other brands on the market.  Fewer numbers makes it easier for moms and dads to select the right formula milk for the right stage of life.  The following changes have now been made to the front of the packs:

**No label changes to First Infant milk Stage 1.**

Hungry milk will not have a number on the front of the pack:hungrynewFollow on milk (previously Stage 3) will now be number 2:followonnew

Growing up milk will now be number 3–this is formula for 1+ year infants:gorwingupnew

These new packs will be changing in 2015, but please don’t worry if you see a mixture of packs in the meantime.

The formula is staying exactly the same so your baby will not notice any difference.

You can also access this notice on the HiPP manufacturer’s website HERE.