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Differences Among the HiPP Stages


First Infant is HiPP’s primary best-seller, suitable from birth onward up until the age of 1.  It is closest in consistency to breastmilk, which is why it remains parents’ first choice. However, there are some other options to consider, depending on the age of your baby and on feeding interval frequencies. HiPP’s Hungry infant formula is also a milk suitable from birth onward.  It differs from First Infant in its … Read More →

Important Notice: New Panel Box Design for HiPP Infant Formula


  HiPP has just changed their box panel designs to optimize and modernize packaging for moms and dads.   Even if the packs look different, there has been no change to the milk formulas themselves.  You can continue to rely on the top quality of HiPP products for milk feeding and baby care needs.   This new design will have changed over for most 2018 and all 2019 batches, but please … Read More →